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Author Topic: SAGACIOUS  (Read 2134 times)

March 30, 2024, 11:30:33 am
Read 2134 times
« on: March 30, 2024, 11:30:33 am »
Hahaha... Hello there!

This art is inspired by "THREE WISE MONKEYS".

But we aren't that cercopithecidae; we are homosapiens.So, I Sketched the human figure as best i could and i named it  'sagacious'.


Patrick bateman


Well ! Let's get to the point here is an small detail
Covering mouth(Speak no evil):
    Never abuse anyone. Always speak truth no matter how hard it is. Be Wise in speaking . Speak for poor.

Covering ears(Hear no evil):
    Don't rely on gossip. Don't act just by listening something from someone. Don't be part of waste discussions. Don't do selective hearing.

Covering eyes(See no evil):
     Look for good in life. Adopt good things. Don't be negative. Raise your voice if you see something not getting justified.

If you wonder why there's broken parts .. i represent those as sacrifices.

Ladies and gentlemen thanks for your time
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April 09, 2024, 07:20:02 pm
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Very Nice Keep On👏👏👏