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Re: வாங்க FRIENDS வாங்க கலந்துரையாடுவோம்
Sorry guyz i dont know tamil very well,
So im giving my opinion in english

What is marriage? Marriage is a lifelong commitment between two partners and also two families.

In my opinion, both marriages have equal importance.

Advantages of love marriage:

# They know very well each other.
# In a love marriage one already knows one's partner like dislike and all about him/her.
# They respect each other, If sometimes, later anything happens then they don't blame their families because they choose each other.

Advantages of Arranged marriage:

# Parents found a life partner as you know no one parents think bad about own's children.

# Both families being strong relationships because of marriage.

Conclusion:- In my opinion both marriage has equal importance, marriage is a combination of two families and two soul mate, a successful marriage combines both aspects of love and arranged marriage- parents' approval and love and understanding of your partner. And they forget some small mistakes and they help each other both are good if the couple has love respect and believe in each other.

Thank you.

August 03, 2023, 10:53:42 am