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Introduction About Madhu Hello GTC friends.
Myself Madhu Sudhan.
Am from Vellore
Am working as an accountant and running few business.
In home am Amma’s chellam Ofcourse Appa’s thalai vali🤣

Am here to make lot of new friends.
Because i love to learn, Ofcourse we can learn lot from different kind of peoples.
So please accept me as your friend. Am very friendly and open mind person. If i get anything i will say on their face. I don’t know to play hide and seek with persons. Please ignore my mistakes if i do anything. Be friendly with me.

Thank you
Love you all🥰

October 29, 2022, 09:40:16 pm
Re: நெஞ்சில் நின்ற ராகங்கள் - Nenjil Nindra Raagangal #11 My place 27/04
April 24, 2023, 05:59:27 pm
Re: சங்கீத மேகம் - Sangeetha Megam : Week#058 Hello GTC friends. Thanks for your valuable support.
Enkitta pesura ellarumey rombavey anba pesuringa. Seriously it's makes me very Happy. Therinjo theriyamalo Inga irukura yaraiyavadhu hurt pannirundha am really apologize for that. Indha GTC plot form enakku rombavey Pidicha romba entering spot ah maridichi. Time kedaikurapo ellam unga kitta chat panna vandhudren. Neenga andha alavuku Bloody Sweet❤️ Innum yethana naal GTC la irupen nu theriyadhu, but irukura vara idhey mari with love and care oda unga ellar kooda spend pannnaum nu ninaikuren.  Inga irundha ennoda old frnds ah romba miss pandren, Miss you all guys. Ipo irukura present frnds ah rombavey love pandren, Love you all my dears.

Wish you all success in ur life everyone.
Burry your bitter memories and enjoy with your sweet memories. Celebrate each and every day of your life. Love You All. Tata take care.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Enakku nanban movie la irundhu All Is Well Song podunga. I dedicate this to my GTC frnds

April 15, 2024, 12:25:54 pm